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HiPP UK Formula Stage 3 Growing-Up Formula (12+ Months)


HiPP Uk Formula Stage 3 growing-up is the ideal final formula product as your baby becomes a toddler and continues to transition onto a more solid diet. With a specially-formulated nutritional composition, Stage 3 formula from HiPP Combiotic is the perfect supplement to your toddler’s predominant diet. This formula contains both polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega-3s (ALAs) to promote brain development.


HiPP (Stage 3) growing up formula has the following features:


  • 500g Containers
  • Produced using sustainable farming methods
  • Contains no growth hormones or other nasty additives
  • Gluten-free


HiPP currently has 8,000 farms worldwide working to produce their premier baby formula products, and they’re always striving to produce better, healthier, and tastier milk!


To continue your toddler’s development, use HiPP Stage 3!

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