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Aptamil Canada offers a thoughtfully formulated blend of nutrients for infants over 6 months as they transition to a varied diet. Our formulas, including Aptamil Stage 2, provide essential vitamins and minerals to support this critical growth phase, complementing the solid foods your baby begins to explore. Aptamil stands by a commitment to foster healthy development, upholding the importance of breastfeeding while offering a supportive option for parents and caregivers during the weaning process.

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Discover the Nutritional Excellence of Aptamil Canada

When it comes to nurturing your baby's development, choosing the right formula is crucial. Aptamil Formula Canada, especially the Stage 2 designed for babies from 6 months, stands out with its commitment to nutritional excellence. This whole milk formula is not just food; it's a bridge to a solid foundation for your growing child. Each 800-gram tin is packed with care and the wisdom of nature, containing 3’GL oligosaccharides*, a precious ingredient extracted through a unique process that mimics the structure found in breast milk. With GOS/FOS and no palm oil added, Aptamil ensures that every scoop is gentle on your baby’s tummy and beneficial for their overall growth.

Another favourite is our Hipp Formula — also available at Baby Loves Organic.

Why Canadian Parents are Choosing Aptamil Formula for Their Babies

In the heart of Canada, where the health and wellbeing of their little ones is paramount for parents, Aptamil Formula has become a trusted companion in the journey of parenthood. This choice is not by chance, but a conscious decision by informed parents who seek only the best. Aptamil Stage 2, tailored for babies aged 6 months and above, offers a whole milk-based nourishment that aligns perfectly with the dietary needs of growing babies.

The thoughtful "click to close" packaging design is an added convenience, safeguarding the formula’s freshness and making daily feeding sessions hassle-free.

Adding to its appeal are the economic benefits. Baby Loves Organic's offering of significant discounts on large packs means that Canadian families can provide for their children without the worry of cost, without compromising on quality. 

The commitment to quality and the added convenience for the busy, modern parent makes Aptamil Formula the go-to choice in Canada for infant nutrition that supports a baby's growth and development with a scientific and caring touch.

Aptamil Formula Canada: Combining Tradition with Innovation

Aptamil Formula Stage 2 is crafted with care to complement the weaning diet for infants older than 6 months, providing a balanced array of nutrients to support their growing bodies and minds. While the unparalleled benefits of breast milk as the primary source of infant nutrition are well-established, Aptamil Canada serves as a nourishing option when diversification of diet begins (just as Goat Milk Formula does)

As your baby grows, their curiosity and appetite for new tastes and textures bloom. Aptamil Formula Stage 2 is there to be part of that discovery, ensuring that every sip from the bottle is a step towards a varied and wholesome diet, nurturing a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Remember, the journey of feeding is a partnership with your baby, guided by love, care, and the best professional advice.

The Science Behind Aptamil Formula

Delving into the science behind Aptamil Formula reveals a blend of quality ingredients and a meticulous care for detail that sets it apart. Essential fatty acids Omega-3 (ALA & DHA) and Omega-6 (AA & LA) are intricately balanced in this advanced formula, contributing to the normal growth and development** of children. With no palm oil added, the formula ensures a rich supply of necessary fats without the common digestive discomforts.

Moreover, Aptamil Formula Canada is fortified with vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D, which are instrumental in supporting the normal function of a child’s immune system. The incorporation of 3’GL oligosaccharides*, structurally akin to those found in breast milk, showcases an innovative approach to infant nutrition. This, along with GOS/FOS, replicates the nurturing essence of breast milk, catering to your baby's developmental needs. Aptamil's dedication to science and child health is not just about meeting standards—it's about exceeding them and providing your baby with a formula that's as close to nature's blueprint as possible.

* = 3’GL is extracted using a unique process to replicate the structure of oligosaccharides found in breast milk.

** = Omega-3 (ALA) contributes to the normal growth and development of children.

*** = In compliance with legal requirements for follow-on formulas.

Frequently asked questions about Aptamil Canada

Is the Aptamil Formula a viable alternative to breastfeeding for newborns?

Aptamil is tailored to complement the dietary needs of babies beginning from 6 months and should not be used as an alternative to breast milk during the first half-year of life. It is vital to consult a healthcare provider before introducing any formula to ensure it aligns with your infant's individual requirements.

Is there a specific way to prepare the formula to ensure its nutritional integrity?

Yes, it's important to follow the preparation instructions precisely. Use the correct amount of powder as advised, and mix with safe, previously boiled water that's cooled down to ensure you maintain the nutritional quality of the formula. Do not alter the proportions or add extra scoops to avoid overconcentration, which can harm your baby's health.

Will bottle feeding affect my baby’s breastfeeding habits?

Introducing a bottle may influence your baby's natural breastfeeding routines. To minimize this impact, it's advised to wait until a solid breastfeeding routine is established. Consult with your healthcare provider for personalized guidance on how to effectively combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding when the time is appropriate.


My baby loves it and I feel good feeding him such a high quality product


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