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Is Goats Formula an Option for you?

Read on and see why we believe that an Organic Goats milk formula, Like Nannycare or Holle Bio Goats Formula are a Good Option to Consider when Researching The Best Baby Formula for your little one.

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Lets First Talk about Nannycare Goats Milk.


  • Using Goats Milk as the base Ingredient
  • What the difference in Nannycare ingredients
  • How are they Processing There Baby Formula Different


Nanny care is the #1 Goats milk formula in the UK, for many reasons. Lets Dive into the Details.


Goats Milk is the gentlest on the baby's tine stomach due to the Curds in the milk, As you may know, Goats milk curds formed are softer than those formed by cows milk formula.


As you may know, Whether cow, goat, or breast milk breaks down in the tummy into two different proteins, Curds (which are lumpy), and Whey (watery).


In Goats milk, The Curds are soft and mix easily with the watery Whey, which is a closer resemblance to that of the gold standard breats milk vs Cow milk


Nannycare only uses Full cream milk

  • Nutritionally Complete
  • No Palm Oil
  • Contains DHA (Omega 3 LCPs) as required by legislation for all infant formula.
  • Full range, from baby to toddler formula

  • First Infant Formula is Nutritionally complete breast milk substitute for babies 
  • 0-12 Months
  • For Combination or Bottle Feeding


  • Follow on Milk is Nutritionally complete to completement the weaning diet
  • 6- 12 Months


  Lastly, As specialist in the field of baby foods, you can be reassured that Nannycare formula is the result of multiple clinical studies.



So what about the Holle Goats Formula!


To start, Holle Bio Specializes in having all their products Demeter Cerified, as you may know, is one of the strictest standards to adhere to.


  Holle goat milk formula Canada is a popular option, as its possibly a little less expensive, But with all the goodness that babies love.


  • Holle Bio also Uses Full Cream Milk
  • No Palm Oil
  • Has all the Vitamins and Nutritional Values
  • Contains DHA (as per regulations for all formula)




  As with nannycare, holle can also be used as a supplement with breastfeeding or exclusive bottle Feeding depending on your situation


We understand that you want to raise and organic baby, something that resembles the breast milk as close as possible, as well as the baby needs to love the formula with all the nutrients and vitamins your baby needs to grow healthy and strong, even if your situation may not be ideal where you can't completely satisfy the little one with breast milk