Loulouka Formula stage 1 First Infant formula 0+ months

Loulouka Formula Stage 1 First Infant Milk

New Redesigned 900 Gram Loulouka Formula Stage 1 is made in Switzerland from the best Swiss organic milk

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What you get with Loulouka First infant formula
  1.  Certified Organic
  2.  No artificial pesticides or herbicides are used at Swiss organic farms.
  3.  Most of the milk comes from farms located in the Swiss Alps.
  4.  Loulouka Stage 1 Organic Infant Formula is a complete breast milk substitute for feeding newborns and infants.
  5. It can also be combined with breastfeeding. After 4 months, a bottle supplement can be added depending on the individual needs of your baby.

When you research European baby formula in Canada, you will most likely have come across loulouka.

Its has fast become a number 1 organic formula in Canada after it was introduced to parents everywhere.

Loulouka Stage 1 Formula Is suitable from birth on as a substitute to breastfeeding , or as a standalone organic baby formula.

Also, Loulouka baby formula has all the vitamins and minerals your little one needs for a healthy brain development , its easy on the digestive system.

When you choose a baby formula, its important that it closely resembles the gold standard of breastmilk, for example, the ingredients should all be from the highest quality organic products, like without the use of corn syrup solids, as well as using coconut oil vs palm oil.


We think you should Use Loulouka Because...

  • Suitable from birth onward.
  • European Union Certified Organic.
  • Made in Switzerland with organic whole cow milk.
  • No palm oil – substituted with coconut oil for better fat and calcium absorption.
  • Whey proteins are less likely to trigger an allergy.
  • No GMOs or added sweeteners, colors or preservatives.
  • No soy, maltodextrin, nuts or eggs added.
  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • No Corn Syrup is used as a Sweetener
  • Organic ingredients

 Loulouka Ingredients


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